Growth through measurement.
It’s how we invest.

Investment Choices

One investment philosophy.
Two ways to invest.


ETFs, which trade similarly to stocks, give investors full control over their investment decisions. Euclid’s ETFs are constructed to follow the investment style used with our wealth management clients.

Custom Portfolios

Euclid’s wealth advisory team partners with you to develop a bespoke financial plan to help you reach your goals. We call it our True Wealth Process.

Investment Style

We are market trend followers.

Euclid has been using systematic trend-following techniques, market analysis and risk management to make investment decisions for its wealth management clients for over a decade. We do not seek to predict or forecast upcoming prices.

What is systematic trend following?

Investment managers that employ systematic trend-following strategies use models to identify and participate in market price trends. The models guide entry and exit points to eliminate the “noise” caused by internal and external factors.

Investment Process


Our goal is to develop strategies that seek to outperform indexes by combining experienced institutional portfolio management with the rigor of computer-generated measurements and market indicators.

Our Step-By-Step Process


Determine systemic market risk.

Assess the level and direction of systemic market risk. Decreasing risk is associated with a bull market. Increasing risk is associated with a bear market.


Determine weighting of equities to fixed income.

Increase equity exposure in a decreasing market risk environment. Increase defensive positions in an increasing market risk environment.


Select securities and determine sizing.

Incorporate sector and style evaluations.


Monitor and adjust portfolio.

Make adjustments based on changing market conditions and trends.


Repeat all steps.


Measured and tested results you can trust.